Telescopic Antenna Masts


Cobham Mast Systems


Contact! Corporation is proud to be the North American Distributor for Cobham Mast System's EX, EXB, and EXL series of telescopic antenna masts.
Cobham Mast Systems manufactures composite masts including accessories to deploy and guy the telescopic masts. We have delivered antenna masts from the height of a few meters up to fifty (50) meters. In addition to several standard fiberglass mast types, we manufacture tailor-made masts to meet customer requirements and specifications. Detailed technical information is available on request.
Our lightweight masts are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of mobile communication systems. The masts are applicable to such areas as defense, hailing systems, tactical communications, surveillance, geodetic surveying, radio and TV broadcasting, emergency response and temporary illumination.
Every mast detail and guy assembly is designed for safe, quick, and reliable operation. Our masts perform in arctic, tropical, and desert environments.


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